Publicity & PR Like A Pro: Press Coverage & Public Relations

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Taught by Alex Genadinik
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Recently Updated To Include More Lectures:

  • How to write better headlines that increase click-through rates

  • 10 actionable strategies to get press coverage as early as this week

  • Press release example and template

  • Case study of how one of my clients got millions of website visitors from publicity 

This publicity course is made up of 3 major sections. Here are the main sections of the course

  • An interview with a publicity expert and veteran Bert Martinez

  • Actionable insights from Alex Genadinik on how you can get publicity

  • Newly added, a case study from Adam Lippin on how he got publicity for his business

This course will teach you how to get publicity (PR) and press coverage for your business from podcasts, radio shows, books, industry publications, and even celebrities.

The course is interview-based. In the course I interview Bert Martinez, a veteran of the publicity space. He shares many advanced tactics for generating publicity and press coverage for your business.

The course is almost all video lectures and should take between 2.5 hours to complete. The course is split up into 17 tutorial lectures and a conclusion lecture. The 17 tutorials are from questions like how to get publicity for a business, a book, from celebrities, and much more.

As the person interviewing Bert, I can share that I learned a tremendous amount from the interview. That is why I decided to make this interview into a course. I personally found it that useful and insightful. If you are anything like me, you will be very excited to go out there and try to implement some of the strategies Bert shares during the interview for how to get press coverage and publicity.

In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you.

NOTE: I recently added a case study to the course. In the case study I interview a CEO of a company that got millions of people visiting their site from publicity. This is meant to be educational, and not promotional. 

35 Videos (2h 16m)

  1. Publicity introduction2:48
  2. Introduction to the course and Bert Martinez0:51
  3. Definition and explanation of what is publicity1:26
  4. How publicity can help you establish yourself as an expert in your domain2:45
  5. How publicity will help your SEO and to get your site to rank in Google3:53
  6. When to hire a publicity or PR company4:15
  7. What is a publicist and how does a publicist work1:37
  8. Publicity to get branding vs direct sales3:25
  9. How a new business can try to get publicity4:56
  10. Strategies for publicity to help businesses individuals establish their brand9:28
  11. What are press clubs And how to join press clubs2:30
  12. How to use your blog to get publicity and position yourself as an authority3:15
  13. How to align yourself with celebrities using publcity7:03
  14. How to get publicity for a book11:00
  15. Using PRWEB and PRLOG press release services1:58
  16. Tips for writing a press release2:07
  17. How to use publicity stunts to get publicity2:12
  18. How to get noteworthy guests on your show2:15
  19. Hashtags for publicity1:12
  20. 10 actionable ways to get press coverage7:50
  21. New service from RadioGuestList4:02
  22. How to be successful in getting publicity on HARO step by step 18:37
  23. How to be successful in getting publicity on HARO step by step 27:07
  24. How to write good headlines that increase clickthrough5:36
  25. How to write a press release part 17:04
  26. How to write a press release part 26:21
  27. SEO for your press release4:46
  28. Introduction to next part of the course1:57
  29. More on next part of the course1:48
  30. Persistence2:23
  31. First steps3:07
  32. Tips On Reaching Out To People1:35
  33. Getting On The Radio2:07
  34. Summing Up And Parting Words1:44
  35. Next courses to watch0:56

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