Public Relations 101 for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Hosted by Skillshare
Taught by Susan Palmquist
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Do you struggle to gain publicity for you or your business? In this beginner's guide to public relations you'll learn how to finally get more focused on reaching your target audience. How to set specific public relations goals, find the ideal way to reach your customers, how to keep them and how to gauge and tweak your results.


10 Videos (25m)

  1. Introduction2:01
  2. PR Versus Advertising 1:50
  3. Setting Goals1:20
  4. Finding Your Target Audience1:43
  5. Important Elements of PR3:01
  6. Customer Service3:32
  7. Connecting With Your Audience3:17
  8. Social Media2:14
  9. Measuring Success2:19
  10. Class Recap3:23

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