Develop your personal brand (The Brand)

In this course you will learn to develop your personal brand value. Use your personal branding to grow.
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What if you were able to promote your best qualities like the big brand names do? What impact would that have on your work? What role does your personal brand play in your community? And in your life?


A company's brand value is directly related to its stock performance and the investments made by the company over time.

Our names, our personal signatures, are a brand.

How much do you invest in creating your brand? In thinking about what qualities are associated with it? And in developing a marketing plan?


• To create awareness that as a company has brand, you also have your own personal brand, its value is your responsibility and is related to your actions.

• To identify the attributes of your personal brand.


• Think about the questions that arise in this lesson.

• For the challenge, we recommend using the downloadable material.

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