Building of a personal brand using professional communities

To build a personal brand is easier than you might imagine
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This course consists of 3 sections and about 50 lectures.

What is it about? The ability to communicate with people opens up broad prospects for the man. Contacts and communications in professional circles help to move up the career ladder or build your business successfully. From this course, you will learn how to join the professional crowd, how to become recognizable in this environment and how to use communication in professional community for your own purposes.

The course represents the author's estimation algorithm of communication and explains what actions should be taken for the promotion of personal brand. Based on the study of modern psychologists and personal experience, the author gives practical recommendations,  that will help you to communicate with people effectively.

The course contains a lot of useful tips and vivid examples.

The course is designed for young managers and young businessmen desiring to make a spectacular career. Also, the course will be useful to anyone whose purpose is to build a personal brand, whether he is a manager, a businessman or a specialist.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that if you want to get the maximum result after completing this video course, you have to implement the knowledge gained in this course, in your job to the full extent.

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