.app from Google Registry, Firebase at WWDC, & GCP updates for app developers - TL;DR 112

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.app → http://bit.ly/2LtZmrp
Firebase party at WWDC18 → http://bit.ly/2J0yuB9
Alias IPs, now with hot standby → http://bit.ly/2kkZpts
The new App Engine scheduler → http://bit.ly/2J6Wlz8
Stackdriver logs and structured data → http://bit.ly/2J7T8iU
Chrome's security indicators → http://bit.ly/2J4RSwB
Primer → http://bit.ly/2kl50zI
This week’s TL;DR #DevShow is led by Google Developer Advocate Wayne Piekarski. TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on all the latest developer news at Google.
TL;DR Playlist → http://bit.ly/2KWNldh
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